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Copper can kill Coronavirus and more on the high touch areas of our lives due to it’s amazing super-bug killing properties. It’s a beautiful, durable and highly effective antimicrobial door hardware solution.
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How does copper kill germs?

When microbes land on the surface, ions (electrically charged particles) are released that prevent the bacteria from breathing, punch holes in the bacterial or viral membrane and destroy the DNA or RNA inside.

Can germs develop a resistance to copper?

No because the DNA or RNA inside is destroyed and the microbe can’t reproduce so no mutation can occur.

How long can germs live on copper?

Copper begins killing on contact, with complete germicide in as little as 3-5 minutes, but in some cases up to 2 hours or more.

Do I still have to clean the copper surface?

Yes, studies show that copper is most effective when used with routine cleaning.

Why don’t I see copper everywhere in my doctor’s office or hospitals?

That’s a great question that is getting asked more and more. The main reason is lack of awareness, and lack of companies producing the associated products.

Isn’t stainless steel good enough?

Stainless steel is great, but only clean when cleaned. It does not actively kill microbes.

What about silver? Isn’t that anti-microbial as well?

Yes, but only when warm and wet. The EPA agrees and silver may not be presented as antimicrobial.